MARINE AGENCY “V&V MARITIME UKRAINE”                                       

“V&V Maritime Ukraine” administration is glad to invite you on our site

          Marine agency “V&V Maritime Ukraine” is a licensed marine company and existing under the Laws of Ukraine. Our company provides foreign ship owners & shipping management companies with Ukrainian seafarers and arranges qualified and competent crews for various types of vessels, such as bulk carriers, container ships, oil/product/chemical tankers, etc. We can guarantee to our partners that every contracted seafarer is in possession of certificates and licenses which correspond to all requirements of IMO, STCW-95, Regulations and Requirements as well as all international standards which are necessary for worldwide trading. Administration of “V&V Maritime Ukraine” is ready to provide partners with any service in search and selection of highly – experienced staff with all required certificates. The existing database of seafarers includes candidates from the Black Sea countries (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia).

         The staff of the company is a team of highly educated, well-qualified professionals, who have long time experience as top officers fully responsible for their work, who deal efficiently with all the aspects of shipping and maritime activities.

Today our company provides our partners and clients with a wide range of services:

1.   Registration of seafarers in “V&V Maritime Ukraine”

2.  Document preparation for seafarer’s voyage

3.   Arranging of communication between the seafarers and ship owner

4.   The assistance in obtaining USA & Shengen visa (for ship owner request)

5.   Booking airplane tickets

6.   Booking hotels in any country of the world

List of documents required  for registration in “V&V MARITIME UKRAINE” database

1.    Civil passport (1, 2 page, permanent residence)

2.    ID. Code

3.    Seaman’s Book

4.    Tourist Passport

5.    Certificate of competency

6.    Endorsement to the certificate of competency

7.    All certificates

8.    Reference from the previous place of work

9.    Yellow fever vaccination

10.  Medical examination

11.  Marlins

12.  CES 4.1 

“V&V Maritime Ukraine” is opened for cooperation ensures career perspective for the seafarers and high efficiency and quality of our services for our partners. If you are interested in qualified Ukrainian crew and in dedicated and trustworthy partner you are kindly invited to contact us.

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Apart from crewing marine agency “V&V Maritime Ukraine” obtains the Seaman’s Books and all marine documents