List of documents required for obtaining shengen visa

(Germany as example)

Documents from German side: 

1.   Invitation letter (original) from the local agent on official blank, signed and stamped, addressed to the German Embassy
      in Kyiv, Ukraine(it should be sent to the crewing company, not to the Embassy)
        Invitation letter must contain:
     - Purpose of visit to Germany and dates of stay in the country
     - Name of an applicant, his passport details
     - Statement that in accordance with paragraphs 66 - 68 Aufenthaltsgesetz all expenses will be covered by German side
2.   Extract from the chamber of commerce issued not later than three month ago
3.   Copy of passport of the person who has signed the invitation. This person should be submitted in the extract from
      the chamber of commerce as a person who is authorized to sign invitations
4.   Contract of Employment
Documents from Ukrainian side:
Application form is completed on the site of embassy and has its own registration mark
1.   Application form of the seafarer from German Embassy site
2.   Copy of certificate of registration of Ukrainian crewing company
3.   Seafarer’s International passport (VALIDITY NOT EXTENDED) & copy
4.   Seafarer’s S/book & copy
5.   Ukrainian internal passport & copy 
4.   3 color photos
5.   Letter from Ukrainian company, in which month salary and guarantee, that for the period of visit to Germany his workplace
      will be kept, should be submitted
6.   In case of pre-joining briefing contract of employment
7.   Crew list with info about flag of the vessel
After the successful interview, terms of visa obtaining is 3-10 working days 

Apart from crewing marine agency “V&V Maritime Ukraine” obtains the Seaman’s Books and all marine documents